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Online betting always comes with its own sets of hidden perks. Read this article to know more about spotting the difference between a fake and legit website.

The first step to start betting online is to find out if the site is legitimate or not. Many sites exist to con people, and if you are not careful enough, you can easily fall into the trap. There are hundreds of sites existing on the internet. So, how do you separate the legal ones from the scam sites? Here are a few tips that will help you in doing so:

1) Making Sure it is a Licensed Site

Legitimates sites are licensed the official betting regulator obtains that. A license confirms that the site has been approved and functions under the guidelines of the gambling authorities. The approval process includes auditing books, following the rules while you bet, which is usually laid by the country regulating the site. If you come across any licensed betting site, it is safe to assume that they are legitimate and trustworthy. 

2) Go Through the “About Us” Page 

The “About Us” page on the betting sites contains information about the site’s history, team information, values, guidelines, and more. The absence of an About Us page should be a matter of concern for the user. The About Us page should answer the following questions:

Establishment of the betting site? Is it new? Or has the site been in existence for a long time? Is the business address provided legitimate? Can you contact the support team, legal team, or the bookie through email, live chat, phone?Who is in charge of regulating the betting site?

If the about page has answered these queries or doubts, it’s a legitimate site. 

3) Trust the Reviews for the Site

The reviews of the site you’ve chosen to bet can be trusted completely. However, the review hunt should be unbiased and fair. How to know if the review is good and genuine? The review must contain details related to the betting site. It should be more than just about the features. It should also tell you if the site is trustworthy or not. The most common red flag for a betting site should be if the players are complaining of being cheated of their payouts, bets being canceled. In such cases, you should look for other sites. 

4) Check the Layout and Interface

The site’s overall look and feel can be a good way of determining the legality of the site. When the sites look crummy or old, the chances are that it will not place your bet. A valid site has regular updates, customer support available 24/7, reasonable bonus, and offers that don’t look too good to be true. 

5) Go with the Recommended Betting Sites

Go with the advice of a trustworthy source when it comes to trusting betting sites. A good site is convenient to navigate, gives ease of monetary transactions. Handpicked sites recommended by credible sources will save you from being scammed, and your money will be safe. 

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